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That time I became a Cartoonist...

This week's blog is slightly unplanned so I apologise....

Today I learnt that my local newspaper, 'The Oldham Evening Chronicle' has gone into administration. Although the paper was fairly small, it definitely had a big impact on me back in 2014.

You see when it was time to leave University and head into the big world of work, I was slightly lost. I had a degree from a top university in Animation but I didn't want to be an Animator.

Most of my uni classmates packed up and moved to London to work for the big studios there. Although I knew this was the path I should have head on, I felt myself having an urge to move back up North to my hometown of Oldham.

I applied for jobs all day, everyday. The amount of rejection emails I received was crazy. I just had to find a way to earn some money and I told myself I would not go on benefits. I started a Facebook Page and started posting my artwork to try and gain a following. 

It was Christmas 2013 and I remember walking into the living room to find the Oldham Chronicle Newspaper. I remember thinking, what if I created a cartoon for the paper. It just so happened that week, we had a brand new Matalan store opening in the town centre, I decided to draw an illustration and send it to the paper to see if they liked it. Not only did the editor, Dave Whaley like it, he invited me into his office that week to talk about me having a weekly feature!

So in January 2014 my weekly spot started. For a whole year I read the papers, found the best stories and illustrated my take on them. Then on a Friday they appeared in the newspaper! I felt so excited every Friday. Not only was I an actual PAID artist, I was being printed for people to see...

My time at the newspaper ended when I was offered a job in an animation studio at the end of 2014.

To say thank you to the paper, I wanted to show just a handful of my illustrations that I created for them. Sometimes I don't like to look back, as I have tried to improve so much but I also want to show how my style has changed over just a few years.