Office Must Haves for a Freelance Illustrator!

Updated: May 26, 2021

So its the start of the new year, which for me means its time to get organised for a productive year...

Ive rounded up the things I need in my office to have, not only for a productive day, but a relaxed and enjoyable one too. As you can see from the pictures, I work from home in a spare room upstairs...

1. A Big Desk.

For me there is nothing worse than a small cramped desk. I like to be able to lay out everything I'm working on. This doesn't have to be expensive though. The desk I have here is the LINNMON from IKEA (£25) and is 1.5 metres wide. Pair that with 4 ADILS legs (£2.50 each) and you have yourself a large desk with enough room for all of your bits and bobs!

I also added the ALEX shelf unit (£35) on top of the desk to give me screen some height.

2. Lit Candles.

There is something about a warm candle that makes me feel very happy. Is it just me?

Anyway in my office I have 3 candles burning. The smell is lovely and it feels very calming. Again you dont need to head to Jo Malone to get your candle fix, these are from B&M and look gorgeous!

3. Stationary.

No matter how advanced we become with technology, I will always ALWAYS have to make notes and plan my day with pen and paper.

I love finishing my day by planning the next days todo list. It helps me switch off for the night. And lets face it, there is something so satisfying in crossing out something with a pen.

Right now my go to items are, my Rose Gold Filofax that I got for Christmas, I love this because I can pop it in my bag wherever Im going. I then have this 'believe in your dreams' notepad that I plan all of my blogposts.

And finally I have a weekly deskpad from CGD London (£19)

4. Printing Station with Fully Stocked Supplies.

I do alot of printing from home. Whether its commissioned portraits, or prints for a craft fair Im attending. That means I need to be organised with my supplies etc.

Opposite my desk I have the KALLAX shelf unit (£39) from IKEA. Its perfect because on its side I can have my printer on top and my supplies underneath.

I always make sure I have enough ink, paper, hard backed envelopes and a4 cellophane to keep my prints protected.

5. Inspiration all around.

Having work from other people around you while youre working is super beneficial. Within reach of my desk I have prints from artists I admire and art books from my favourite movies, authors, illustrators.

Dont be afraid to put your own work up aswell. If you're proud of it, flaunt it!

Here you will find work from the amazing Captain Chants, Gabby Zapata, Pernille Orum and Kristian Duffy!

6. My Wacom Tablet.