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Office Must Haves for a Freelance Illustrator!

Updated: May 26, 2021

So its the start of the new year, which for me means its time to get organised for a productive year...

Ive rounded up the things I need in my office to have, not only for a productive day, but a relaxed and enjoyable one too. As you can see from the pictures, I work from home in a spare room upstairs...

1. A Big Desk.

For me there is nothing worse than a small cramped desk. I like to be able to lay out everything I'm working on. This doesn't have to be expensive though. The desk I have here is the LINNMON from IKEA (£25) and is 1.5 metres wide. Pair that with 4 ADILS legs (£2.50 each) and you have yourself a large desk with enough room for all of your bits and bobs!

I also added the ALEX shelf unit (£35) on top of the desk to give me screen some height.

2. Lit Candles.

There is something about a warm candle that makes me feel very happy. Is it just me?

Anyway in my office I have 3 candles burning. The smell is lovely and it feels very calming. Again you dont need to head to Jo Malone to get your candle fix, these are from B&M and look gorgeous!

3. Stationary.