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New Mum to Full Time Creator - Here's How I did it.

Okay... so 2 years ago, I wrote a blog post about how I've been away for a while but now Im back and I'm going to post more often.


Well it didn't happen.

The truth is, after posting that, I was really excited to share my journey of building a business and a community of people, but with no actual plan of how I was going to do it.

Emily's first studio, her back bedroom of her house. Showing her pegboard and printer.
My first studio - my back bedroom!

Back in July 2019, when I made that blog post, I had started to post Studio Vlogs over on my new Youtube channel, I was finding my feet on Instagram and was starting to build a very small business. I was working in my back bedroom and was juggling being a mum to a 5 month old, aswell as trying to make a little bit of money.

Slowly but surely, my Youtube channel was growing and I was really enjoying sharing my very honest journey with my small but loyal following.

With my maternity pay stopping in the October of 2019, and no other income at this point. (Bare in mind, any money my shop was making was going straight back into buying equipment and products.) In the November I decided to launch a Patreon page. The hope was that *eventually* this page would replace the £600 maternity pay I was living on. I was prepared to work really hard to grow the community and to hopefully have this goal achieved in 12 months, if I was very lucky.

A graph of my Patreon income in the first 18 months.
My Patreon Income over 18 months. In January 2021, the currency changed from $ to £ hence the big jump!

To my amazement, my Patreon launch was really successful, and every month, more and more wonderful people joined me and the community I was building. I was able to hit my goal of replacing my Maternity pay in just 7 months.

So I want to take this moment quickly to thank everyone who has joined me over on that platform. Its a wonderful space and Im so proud of what we are doing over there as a community.

By Spring/Summer of 2020, I had a Patreon community that was growing wonderfully, a Youtube channel that was growing slow and steady and an online shop filled with products I had designed. I felt on cloud 9 and really excited for where things were going.

Emily sat at her desk in her new studio.
Me sat at my new desk!

In October of 2020, I decided to invest in my own studio space. It was a hard decision because although my dream was literally coming true, its a big commitment to make. Although money was coming in and I was finally earning an actual wage. In the middle of a global pandemic, it was poten