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My tips for a productive day as a freelancer...

Updated: May 27, 2021

Well another day has passed and that means another day that I probably could have done more...

The truth is I'm a procrastinator. I mean I work hard but there are days where I find any little job that needs doing around the house before I get into my home office.

As a freelancer I have found that I need to have things in place before I can start my day. That way I can feel the most productive with my time. 

1. Have a pretty notebook filled with the days task!

There is something so satisfying about having a list of jobs that need to be done that you can tick of throughout the day. With having my office in my home, sometimes its hard to switch off. By ticking off jobs, I can relax more in the evening. Some tips are to:

- Fill in your next days task on an evening. That way in the morning you can just make a start. See it as a brain dump so that you can go and relax with your feet up.

- Once you've finished your jobs for the day, your finished! If you have finished all of your set tasks and its only 2pm, happy days! Don't overdo yourself, enjoy the rest of your day. Just don't forget to write down tomorrows jobs!

2. Clear any unwanted emails or junk mail first thing in the morning!

Okay I need to work on this one more... Right now my emails are open on my desktop and I have 340 unread emails. The good news is I know they are all junk, but for some reason I just leave them there until I can be bothered to go through and delete them all. My tip is to keep on top of this and every morning remove the unwanted messages. I assure you it will help you feel cleansed and less stressed. It will also feel so much more satisfying to see a notification of a new email from a potential client!

I'm going to delete mine now, you go too, go, GO!

3. Organise your projects on Trello!

So if you like to be as organised as me, I can't recommend Trello enough... 

With Trello you can set up a series of 'board' to organise your projects. I have boards for my commission waiting lists, my Christmas commission lists, my freelance projects, my general to do lists and so on. Its a great tool for teams as well as individuals and I love it!

Go and sign up now its free!

4. Dont over do it, work in short bursts!

My intention every morning is to get up and be at my desk for 9am and to work solidly until 6pm. I seem to think if I do that I will achieve everything I need to in the day. Recently my mind set has changed. If I wanted to work this way I would be back in office environment. The great thing is as a freelancer I can set my own