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How I Earn Money as an Illustrator. My 9 Income Sources Explained!

Since starting my business just over 2 years ago, I've learnt the importance of multiple income streams. For years, I just had one income, sometimes 2, and I had to rely on that to pay the bills. The problem with doing this, when one of those sources slows down or stops, we start to panic.

Since I began Emily Harvey Art in May 2019, I have been expanding my income sources to the point where I now have 9 different income streams. I chat about this over on my Patreon often (just one of my sources) and I'm so happy to share this with you here too.

The truth is, we don't talk about money enough. I certainly struggled to get the information I needed when I was starting out. This isn't about showing you the money I make, because honestly, some of these sources bringing me hardly anything. It's to show you that by having multiple sources, there's less pressure if one source starts to dip... which it will!

So let's get into my 9 sources... these aren't in any particular order!

Me speaking in a university in 2018.

Because of Covid, I haven't done many of these recently, but I used to all the time. I now do them virtually. For me, it tends to be Colleges and Universities that invite me in as an industry professional and practitioner to talk to their students. I can be paid £150 for a 60 minute talk and its great way to help those just starting out. Get in touch with your old college and university to see if they have the budget available and get out there! Do a great job and they might invite you back every year to talk to students!