5 Ways to Display your Enamel Pin Collection!

It's been just over a year since I released my first ever enamel pin, so to celebrate Im sharing 5 ways I display my enamel pin collection!

I now have 11 of my own enamel pins,

Wait... is that right?



Yeah I think so...

And I'm growing my collection from other wonderful makers, and Im always looking for cool ways to display them, so let's get into it!

On a Jacket

If you have 1 or 2 pins and maybe some patches, get them on your jacket! This works really great on a denim jacket!

Here is my denim jacket in the summer last year when I only had 2 of my own pins!

In a Pin Frame

This is one of my newest additions to the studio and was actually very kindly gifted from Noshly Poshly.

I really love the lilac velvet backing and its so easy to display your pins this way.

This is the biggest size and it fit my pin collection perfectly. Although it looks thrown together, I can promise there is a layout happening!!

On a Tote Bag

Okay an awful screenshot from a video BUT I love the idea of adding some pins to a tote bag.

This bag was really kindly sent by MamaBrave UK and I immediately added 2 of my pins to it.

On a Lanyard

I actually use a lanyard for all my keys. Its so easy to throw it on when you're in a rush and trying to get a toddler from A to B...

I don't like to fill my lanyard, not like the waiters at TGI Fridays haha. No I just like to add 1 or 2, depending on my mood.

If you also have to wear a lanyard for work, why not jazz it up a little bit!

On an Embroidery Hoop or Pin Flag.

This was my first ever pin display! I bought it from the wonderful Katnipp Studios and its the perfect place to keep your lovely pins.

Hoops come in so many sizes so could display a full collection or maybe just a couple. Hang it up on your wall alongside some art prints.

Im sure there are LOADS more ways to display your enamel pins and I would love to hear where you put yours!

To check out all of my enamel pins in my shop, click here.

Speak soon!

E x